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Secondhand furniture & clothes in Raleigh


Secondhand Furniture & Goods

Raleigh Secondhand Barn is a, family owned secondhand dealer located in Raleigh, just south of Coffs Harbour. Spread over three acres, there are many treasures to discover at our huge store; from antiques, collectables and bric-a-brac to furniture, modern statement pieces, vintage clothing and more. We encourage you to come along and explore all of the nooks and crannies in our store to find items you may like to repair, recycle, upcycle or enjoy.

Our selection of antiques can include everything from antique light fittings and oil lamps to nautical equipment, porcelain collectables and memorabilia. We also have a huge variety of vintage clothing ranging from funky, modern to retro statement pieces.
Antique Figurine Of Lady — Secondhand furniture & clothes in Raleigh, NSW
Our dedicated team members are passionate about giving new life to old furniture, antiques, vinyl records and more. We believe that the possibilities are endless. For example, a teapot can be used as a pot plant or repurposed into a bird hollow in your garden. An old door can become a new table, a broken window or could be transformed into a decorative mirror.

Our estate clearance, demolition and recycling services are also great options for clients who want to declutter or downsize or finalise an estate. We can help sort through deceased estate possessions and demolition jobs and can on-sell the agreed suitable items at our shop to be reused and recycled. Due to the quality and quantity of items we receive, we are a haven for bargain hunters and antique enthusiasts alike. Secondhand doesn’t mean second best. Someone’s trash could be your treasure! Visit our warehouse or give us a call and let us help you discover your next great find today.
Wooden Dressing Table With Mirror — Secondhand furniture & clothes in Raleigh, NSW
Our huge selection of secondhand furniture includes a variety of retro, modern, antique and funky pieces. We have everything from dining tables to decorations, figurines and building materials and more. Ask about our pick-up and delivery services.
Two Antique Figurines — Secondhand furniture & clothes in Raleigh, NSW
Whether you’re looking to furnish your home or property with antique furniture and décor or you’re a collector with a keen eye on collectibles and other statement pieces, we’re bound to have something to interest you. From porcelain and nautical equipment through to chandeliers, light fittings, bric-a-brac and more.
White Doors With Stained Glass — Secondhand furniture & clothes in Raleigh, NSW
Choose from a collection of recycled materials including recycled timber, hard wood, iron, roofing, windows, doors, light fittings, cast iron bath tubs and pedestal stains from various sources including demolitions.
Black Leather Jacket — Secondhand furniture & clothes in Raleigh, NSW
Check out our selection of vintage clothing. Our vintage clothing brand ‘Classic Cobber’ was created in 2019. We have something for everyone. From every day wear to costume party outfits and accessories.
Stack of Chairs On Trailer — Secondhand furniture & clothes in Raleigh, NSW
Our estate clearance services include property clearance, rubbish removal and professional cleaning. We are also able to undertake estate downsizing and decluttering of everything from clothes and furniture to old tools. It’s easier than ever to sell or clear out unwanted items!
Range of Vintage Doors — Secondhand furniture & clothes in Raleigh, NSW
If you’re renovating or demolishing, our team can help remove fixtures such as old doors and boards to sell. We can buy items from you, upcycle raw materials and complete garbage disposal.