Vintage Clothing in Raleigh


Vintage Clothing Collection

As part of our mission to reduce our community’s carbon footprint, we have been collecting a variety of pre-owned items, including secondhand clothing, for many years and have decided to expand our shop to include the Classic Clobber department.

Clothing waste around the world is staggeringly high, and in Australia alone 23 kgs per person worth of clothing end up in landfill each year, which then results in 6 tonnes of clothing and textiles contributing every 10 minutes in Australian landfill alone. This is what makes pre owned clothes shopping a significant part of waste management and sustainability.

Over the years, Raleigh Secondhand Barn has accumulated a variety of vintage clothing items. Our team created Classic Clobber, a separate brand dedicated entirely to our clothing collection. Our collection ranges from daily wearables to outfits that are worthy of any costume party.
Blue V-Neck Dress — Secondhand furniture & clothes in Raleigh, NSW
Our goal at Classic Clobber is to revolutionise the way people see thrift clothes shopping and to create a liberating experience for our customers. Our selection of vintage clothing items are carefully curated and organised so everyone who visits our store finds exactly what they’re looking for.

Our clothing rental service is the newest feature of Classic Clobber. You can choose to rent select pieces of clothing, whether for a cocktail party or fancy dress costume function. Our hire garments are suitable for men, women and children. Visit our Classic Clobber today and explore our wide selection of clothing. Or, if you have any spare clothing lying around, you can bring it to our store and discuss whether we can buy it from you. We are located in Raleigh, south of Coffs Harbour, and welcome clients from all over.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does vintage clothing mean used clothing as well?

Most vintage clothing has already been worn, but there are some exceptions. Vintage clothing dealers use the term “deadstock vintage” for pieces of vintage clothing that have never been worn. They can be easily identified if the clothes still have their original tags attached.

What exactly does vintage clothing mean?

Vintage clothing is technically any kind of clothing or accessory that has been manufactured at least 20 years ago. This means that anything made in the 90s and beyond is considered vintage.

How can I tell if a piece of vintage clothing is indeed vintage?

There are a lot of ways to tell whether an article of clothing is vintage or otherwise. This can be anything from material used, shape, construction, design and even labels and clothing tags. If it fits the style of a certain era or has tags featuring old logos of clothing companies, then it is highly likely that the clothing is indeed vintage.