Recycled Building Material in Raleigh


Secondhand Building Supplies

With more than 40 years of industry experience behind them, the team at Raleigh Secondhand Barn continues to stay true to our vision of environmental sustainability. We do this by upcycling, reusing and recycling everything from furniture to raw building materials.

Our system of reclaiming building supplies and fittings from condemned sites and deceased estates has helped a lot of people in our community looking for reasonably priced building supplies. This practice also promotes sustainability as we constantly find new ways to utilise these materials.

From simply buying and selling antiques and vintage items, our team has evolved to become specialists in reclaiming building materials. Our warehouse in Raleigh contains a variety of recycled supplies. This includes timber, hard wood, recycled roofing, iron roofing and even windows, doors, cast iron bath tubs and pedestal basins. We also have light fittings and doors from demolished properties.
Truck Loaded With Recycled Timber — Secondhand furniture & clothes in Raleigh, NSW
A lot of our customers are able to build beautiful furniture, create landscaping designs and complete their construction work by using our recycled hardwood products and other materials. If you’re looking for hardwood that’s high quality and affordable at the same time, visit our warehouse and you just might find the kind of material you’re looking for. Located in Raleigh, south of Coffs Harbour, our clients are from all over the region and interstate.

Demolition Services

The team at Raleigh Secondhand Barn assists customers who are wanting to downsize or those undertaking a total demolition of their property. Our demolition solutions are individually tailored to suit our clients’ needs. Over the years, our team has assisted with various demolition projects. From warehouses, homes, sheds and more, our team of demolition professionals can retrieve items of value and building materials to be recycled and sold.

Our experienced team members can retrieve everything from old doors, floorboards and other reusable materials. We can buy these from our client and sell the items in our warehouse so it can be reused and upcycled.
Wrought Iron Pieces — Secondhand furniture & clothes in Raleigh, NSW
Our team can also take care of deceased estate clearance. We buy and sell antique furniture, vintage clothing and other secondhand items at our 3 acre barn in Raleigh, south of Coffs Harbour. Visit our secondhand store or give us a call and let us discuss how we can help you get that demolition job done.

Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of building materials can be reused for construction?

Materials such as steel, concrete, timber, terracotta tiles, electrical wiring and grade 1 (PET) and 2 (HDPE) plastics can be readily reused once it has been retrieved from demolition or construction sites.

Other types of building materials that can be recycled include bamboo, glass, asphalt, cardboard, straw bales and timber crate.

Is it cheaper to use recycled building materials?

It is definitely cheaper to use recycled materials for construction. This is primarily because recycled materials are priced lower than freshly processed materials. Recycled building materials generally have the same quality as new materials, so you can be sure you’re receiving quality items that will last.

How does recycling help the economy?

Aside from the environmental benefits, recycling has a variety of economic benefits. It creates jobs and new businesses for transporting, selling and processing recycled materials. The sale of recycled materials or items helps to generate revenue for the local economy, which is why there is now a market dedicated solely to the recycling and waste management industry.