Antiques & Collectables in Raleigh


Our Collection of Antiques

Raleigh Secondhand Barn is passionate about the preservation of valuable items as well as environmental sustainability. We have since made it our commitment to reduce landfill waste by saving as many items as we can, from raw housing materials to antique and vintage furniture.

Our warehouse houses a variety of antique furniture pieces and other collectables. These are all sourced with permission from deceased estates and individual clients. Our collection is perfect for people looking for antique items. Whether you’re looking for steampunk or Victorian-themed statement pieces, our secondhand shop has something for every theme.
Antique Girl Figurine — Secondhand furniture & clothes in Raleigh, NSW
Our antique collections include antique oil lamps, antique tools, pieces of furniture, gifts, home décor, heirloom pieces, light fittings, chandeliers, porcelain figures and more. We also have an array of antique nautical equipment. This includes old ship pullies, ship wheels, port holes and other vintage boat parts.

In addition to our secondhand goods and unique selection of antiques, we also provide services relating to estate and property clearance and demolition. We also have clearing services for deceased estates. Visit our store today and give your home or property that special touch with a unique furniture piece. Located in Raleigh, south of Coffs Harbour, clients visit us from all over the region.

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I get my antique items appraised?

The best way to get a proper valuation for your items is by hiring a professional appraiser. There are other informal options to consider which can also help you determine the market value of your antiques. You can get your items appraised at appraisal days on local auction houses, local antique shows, visiting appraisal shows, and even in antique shops and secondhand stores. Keep in mind that while free appraisals are generally easier on the budget, the verbal nature will prevent you from having any official documentation of your item’s value unless you have it appraised professionally.

Are antiques good investments?

Antiques and art pieces are considered as alternative investments, which means that they do not fall under stocks, cash, real estate or bonds. Investing in high valued antiques can be lucrative especially if you trade with the right people, but it is also best to watch out for fraudulent transactions that can come with buying and selling antiques and other collectables.

How does an antique lose its value?

There are many factors that contribute to the devaluation of antiques. This includes improper restoration, surface wear and oxidation. While older antiques are usually more expensive than relatively newer ones, considerable wear and tear on these items will drastically reduce the market value of your antiques.

It is best to have high valued antiques restored by a professional in order to avoid any damage that can make your item lose its worth.