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At Raleigh Secondhand Barn, we are constantly striving to help our community in terms of minimising our collective carbon footprint. This is why over the years, our business has diversified its range of services to include additional features that will help our clients in terms of decluttering and promoting community sustainability.
Table — Secondhand furniture & clothes in Raleigh, NSW
Our 3 acre store in Raleigh contains an assortment of furniture pieces that will appeal to all preferences. Our selection of antique furniture includes everything from dining chairs and tables, secondhand bottles, home decorations, figurines and other items ranging from retro, modern, funky and antique pieces.
Our business takes pride in our wide selection of valuable antiques and collectibles. Some of our antique pieces include antique oil lamps, nautical equipment such as old ship wheels and port holes, tools, furniture, porcelain figurines, decoration, light fittings, chandeliers and other vintage memorabilia.
Hanging Lamp Shade — Secondhand furniture & clothes in Raleigh, NSW
Doors & Windows — Secondhand furniture & clothes in Raleigh, NSW
Our demolition service is ideal for anyone who is looking to declutter and downsize their home or commercial space. Aside from actual demolition, our team takes our commitment to sustainability further by buying old doors, boards and other scrap material from our clients. These are then sold in our store as raw material to be repurposed, upcycled and enjoyed by others. Demolition is a minor service within the business, but we love to help out as much as we can. Please call the shop to enquire.
Our Raleigh warehouse has an array of scrap materials gathered from cleared estates. Some of these materials include timber, hardwood, recycled roofing, roofing iron, light fittings, windows, doors, pedestal basins and cast iron bath tubs.
Recycled Building Materials — Secondhand furniture & clothes in Raleigh, NSW
Denim Overalls — Secondhand furniture & clothes in Raleigh, NSW
The sheer abundance of our vintage clothing collection has compelled our team to create a separate brand dedicated solely to buying and selling clothing. Created In 2019, Classic Clobber contains clothing ranging from every day wear to costume party outfits to vintage styled clothing.
We extend our assistance to grieving families who would like to clear out the estate of their departed. We also do nursing home relocations as well as estate downsizing and decluttering. Our estate clearance services also include garbage removal.

The friendly, compassionate and experienced team from Raleigh Secondhand Barn are dedicated to helping clients live a happier life through decluttering, selling unused items and seeing visitors to our store source unique finds to be repurposed and recycled.

Give us a call today or visit our warehouse to find out more about how we can help you.
Crystal Bowls & Cups — Secondhand furniture & clothes in Raleigh, NSW
Wooden Cabinets with Mirrors — Secondhand furniture & clothes in Raleigh, NSW
Our warehouse contains an assortment of secondhand furniture that ranges from figurines, wall and home decorations, building materials, chairs and tables and more.
Vintage Enamel Pot Sauce Pan — Secondhand furniture & clothes in Raleigh, NSW
Our wide selection of antique furniture is great for both antique collectors or and anyone who is looking to add vintage statement pieces to any space. We have everything from antique oil lamps to decorations to light fittings.
Doors in a Truck — Secondhand furniture & clothes in Raleigh, NSW
Our recycled building materials range from windows, doors, roofing iron, hard wood, timber, cast iron bath tubs, pedestal basins, iron roofing and more.
Vintage Dark Blue Coat — Secondhand furniture & clothes in Raleigh, NSW
Our Classic Clobber brand includes a huge array of vintage secondhand clothing. We have everything from fashionable daily wear to costume pieces that will surely fit any themed party you might have.
Antique Wooden Box — Secondhand furniture & clothes in Raleigh, NSW
Our estate clearance service is suitable for anyone who is in need of scaling down an estate, especially after the departure of a loved one. As well as sorting through belongings, recycling items and coordinating which items would be suitable for sale in our warehouse, we also take care of rubbish disposal and professional cleaning.
Chimes — Secondhand furniture & clothes in Raleigh, NSW
Our small demolition services assist individuals in need of a total property clearance, whether you’re a home owner, business owner or in charge of clearing an estate.